Komunikasi Nonverbal dalam Budaya Kepolisian

Ratu Laura M.B.P


Nonverbal communication is one form of communication that is often done by humans, both conscious
and unconscious. Nonverbal communication is different from verbal or verbal communication, nonverbal
communication is a communication where the message is packed without word so that the interpretation
of each person to memaknain] yes. The Indonesian National Police use uniforms with symbols adapted to
rank up to their services. This includes into nonverbal communication, which each symbol has meaning
and is understood by everyone who interacts with it. This study aims to determine the role of nonverbal
communication and its creation and meaning in the culture of the police. Based on the findings in nonverbal
communication research on police culture more leads to the hierarchy of honor and courtesy. There are no
specific or written standards on how to communicate.
Keywords: Nonverbal Communication, Police Culture, Honorary Hierarchy, Courtesy


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